Slow-Carb Pie-Mania: leeks, peas and chicken (or tofu) under a bean-feta crust

Pie with leeks, peas and bean-feta crust So far I've always thought "This English pies - oh nooooooooooooooo thick, greasy dough with thick, greasy fillings, all a bit soggy and of a rather dark brown color. Nöööö, that does not have to. "

Ha! Of course you can tackle the whole thing in a completely different way. But sometimes you have to bump your nose on it. Or two or three times. And I am very happy that this happened now. This slightly Greek interpreted Pie (recipe inspiration from the delicious Nov/2012) comes namely hot and steaming with lots of vegetables, lean chicken (or tofu for vegetarians), a light spicy sauce and a great crispy hood of mashed beans and feta. The slow carb heart is cheering. Quite loud!

Besides, there is of course another, absolutely striking argument, why one should necessarily make Pies: the Pie-bird. I'm in love - in the pie and the bird. I think that's hard to overlook ... Pie-Mania broke out!


Wood ForksPie_with_Lauch_Erbsen_und_Bohne-Feta-Kruste3

Pie_with_Lauch_Erbsen_und_Bohne-Feta-Kruste5 Pie_with_Lauch_Erbsen_und_Bohne-Feta-Kruste4  Pie_with_Lauch_Erbsen_und_Bohne-Feta-Kruste6


And this is how it works for 3-4 people:

The filling
Ca. Dice 200 g of chicken breast or tofu
. 1-2 red onions peel and dice. 2 leeks clean, wash and cut into strips. 1 garlic clove peel and finely chop. Optionally, brush 1-2 handfuls of mushrooms and slice.

Heat in a large pan 1 tablespoon vegetable oil and add chicken, onions, leeks, Fry the mushrooms and garlic until the vegetables have softened slightly. Strongly salt and pepper , then pour 150 ml of cream . 1 bay leaf , mix juice 1/2 small lemon and with 1 generous tsp of granular mustard and horseradish . Simmer on low heat for about 5 minutes. Then stir in 250 g of frozen peas .

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

The crust
While the filling is simmering, 2 cans of white beans (400 g) in a strainer, rinse under running water, drain and place in a bowl. Chop 1 tablespoon of rosemary and 1 clove of garlic and add to the beans with some salt & pepper . Crush the beans with a potato masher (or large fork) to a coarse sauce. Crumble 100 g feta ​​strong> and stir in the bean curd.

The stuffing into a pear Put the casserole dish, press lightly and then spread the bean curd over the filling as a lid. With a spoon, press down to the edges of the mold, if necessary, install a pie bird and finally draw a pattern into the bean layer.

Bake in the oven on a medium rail for 30 - 40 minutes until the crust is slightly thicker Got color.