Perkomax aka Gisela - really good coffee in the good old way.

Dear Perkomax,

We are very pleased that you are joining us for our family morning. But first of all we have to tell you that your name does not suit you at all. When I heard Perkomax for the first time, I thought you were a high-pressure cleaner or something to make sausages. In fact, you are a percolator - a very practical and forgotten coffee machine invented in 1813.
Actually, you would have to change your name. Maybe Gisela or Gertrud - that would in any case fit much better with your core competence: make really good coffee. You're in the spotlight.

Coffee is the man and I simply poled: He must be drinkable without much milk or Schischi, strong and aromatic and the first sip, especially very, very hot. We like to call that a housewife coffee. In addition, if possible, he should not come to our home in aluminum capsules or other waste-intensive packaging. If he also has a fair trade ancestry, we're in business, the perfect morning coffee and we.

Tollingly, you're totally without throwaway Filters, capsules and stuff and bring everything you need right away. And that's why you can easily fill it with a favorite type of coffee - whether from the discounter around the corner or fair trade in organic quality, because you are very relaxed and flexible.

In general, you put something away: Each amount of coffee between a very early single cup and 1.5 liters afternoon cupcake coffee can be prepared in you. Add water to the jug for up to 9 cups as needed, add coffee to the filter, then cook on the stove and then cook until the desired coffee strength is achieved. This is done on a camping gas stove, on a ceramic hob or on induction as well lubricated and at the latest after the third attempt, you have the whole thing.

Since you look really neat with your chic white or black retro enamel outfit, we are always happy when you visit us at the table. You should touch you hottes thing only with potholders or tea towel - velvet gloves you really do not need. And if the coffee in you has become cold someday, we simply put you back on the stove and bring it back to our beloved lavaeske drinking temperature in a minute.

Perkomax, just stay with us forever. I think we also get used to your name and you come to the Gisela around it.

Your nuclear family

PS: Many thanks to the company Petromax for sending a review copy and the interest in my honest opinion. All product information here too.

Or, for example, hereby orderable.