Hello, turn your radio on! Because GourmetGuerilla is in an interview with NDR Info.

"Darling," I say to the best man of all, as we bob in the evening watching TV together. "The NDR would like to do an interview with me." "Great," says the man while he keeps the flicker box out of his sight. And then: "That's great." "Yes," I admit, "that's pretty exciting." Pause. "When is it," the man wants to know. "On Monday night." "Um," the man's eyebrows go up. "But you are on Thursday and Friday with the customer, on the weekend on the road and not at home and on Monday you have to work again. Will not that be a bit much? "" Hmnja, but it's only on Monday, "I say. "Is it at least around here?" The man asks. "Oh, yes, yes. In a way. Pretty close even. The whole thing is to take place in our kitchen. "Now, undoubtedly, I have the full and unrestricted attention of the man. He summarizes again for both of us: "You drive away tomorrow, come back only on Sunday evening, have to be back on Monday morning in the office and when you come home from work, sits the NDR with us in the kitchen?" I give the man to understand that he has pretty much summarized the whole thing and give him a bright smile. The man looks at me. The man looks at our floor. Then his gaze wanders to the vacuum cleaner. Through the open living room door, he briefly sighted the Jackenberg in the hallway, which we have literally piled up artistically there in recent weeks. Pause. "Okehhh," sighs the man fatefully. "We can do it somehow. But please do me a favor and be there, before they ring here with us. "I promised that high and holy. Because life with bloggers is sometimes quite often not so easy.

Who wants to hear the whole interview with the very sympathetic editor Lucia Baumgärtner on NDR Info, personally want to convince them How many times I said "uhhhhhh" and "öööhhhhm", whatever nonsense I dwarfed anyway and what I have cooked in the meantime, turns on his radio:

On Saturday, 31.08 .
at 12:41 pm and 3:41 pm