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Oh man. If I've ever complained of coughing and runny nose and have suffered theatrically - I'll never do it again! The new dimension is called flu and I had ample opportunity to get acquainted with this beast last week. The first moderate flu cases have reached Hamburg and I have now accessed briskly. If one or the other wondered why it was rather quiet here ... food was simply out of the question, let alone cooking, getting up, watching TV, reading, writing or anything else. The food balance of the entire last week: 1 banana, 3 cans of chicken soup, 48 cups of tea and 32 paracetamol. That was it! Every thought of food has caused me physical pain. I would like to renounce this experience for the next 100 years, please, thank you. On Friday I finally had a (fever-free) vision: A very delicate smell of cucumber salad with dill seemed to waft through the room. That was the most delicious thing I've smelled ever since ... so aromatic, so green, so fresh, packed with childhood memories and lots of inner sunshine. Then I knew, when my brain imagines cucumber salad, then it goes slowly uphill. I went in first with mashed potatoes. And now it says: Flu, you had your fun - high time, to piss off again to disappear! After all, I can now sit on the couch and type. Afterwards maybe I'll be out the door again for the first time.

So you do not get too bored until I mess up the stove again, I'll give you the winners today the thank-you-for-1000-likes-and-you-are-so-great- (oh-what-say-me) -great! - raffle known. TATAAAAAA!

The WINNER KÜCHENHILFE, 1 KitchenAid Artisan blender in anthracite with glass container and kitchen mix container , goes to Jens

About the WINNING FOUNTAIN, 24 cans of Fountain of Youth, the natural coconut water energy drink, can look forward to Fugu .

BREAKFAST with 3 x 3 Müslipakete of GUSTALAVIE - organic mueslis with funny names and full taste from now on Kristin , Patricia and Alice .

The 2 DELINERO gift baskets with selected delicacies directly from the producers come to Antje and Stefanie home.

Thanks for Join in! All winners were randomly assigned and notified by email.
And now:

For those who have not won this time, there is a delicious blog -Goodie as a consolation:

The readers of GourmetGuerilla receive when purchasing on delinero.de until the end of February exclusive 15, - € discount! There is of course no minimum order value, there are only the shipping costs of 5.90 euros. So you can now order very cheap products directly from the producer, you always wanted to try.

And so easy you come to the discount:

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3. Pick your favorite delicacies and enter the coupon code during the ordering process.